Spoiler One Piece Manga Chapter 888

Chapter Title: Lion

Luffy is fighting Katakuri once again.
Katakuri: Did you come to die? Or do you want to join our alliance?
Luffy: I came to win!
Katakuri: I don’t have that option available for you.
[Scene switches]
Big mom is chasing the Sunny and then in front of them the Daifuku Fleet appears. In addition to that, Smoothie’s fleet is behind Big Mom’s back as well.

Although they are completely surrounded, Carrot raises her voice. She confidently says that she wants them to entrust this situation to her since it’s full moon tonight. Carrot suddenly matures and grows up to an adult. She jumps on to the Daifuku Fleet.

When the mink tribe makes eye contact with full moon, they transform into a form called “Suron”

As Carrot transforms into her Suron form, she defeats Big Mom’s underlings one after another. She also destroys the ship’s steering wheel.
Chopper sees that and is lost for words.