Spoiler Manga One Piece Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Room of Waves

Jinbe: Enter the green room!!
Sunny is able to ride under the wave because of Jinbe’s steering.
Jinbe: We have a good ship and a good navigator!! If the helmsman is good, this ship will probably be invincible!!

Big Mom thinks that the Sunny has sunk

Nami talks to Luffy though the mirror
Luffy: Hurry up and come! Hurry up and get here, I’m sick of waiting for you!! (Luffy is being manipulated into saying that)

Katakuri: Do you have any last words?
luffy: i dont plan on dying here


Perospero: Wait Mama! At this rate, the cake will sink too!
BM: Caaaaaaake!

Brook: It’s no good, you can’t control the sail of the ship by yourself!
Nami: No way! Why are we turning around!?
Jinbe: We’re going into the green room!

Chopper: Where is that? Why are you facing the wave Jinbe?
Jinbe: The green room is a room that appears momentarily in the surge of the wave.

Sunny rushes into the wave

Jinbe: We have a good ship and good navigator! If there’s good steering, the ship will be invincible!

Nami: I’ve never seen a helmsman like this!

Peros: Look, underlings! This is Perospero! Oi Katakuri it’s all taken care of here!

Mirror: It seems like the ship has sunk into the sea eh.

Luffy: oi Nami, Brook, Carrot! The mirrors of mirror world are breaking out!

Brook: Nami san why the mirrors?
Nami: Captain’s orders! Hurry!

Chopper: Hey Luffy I got a word for you so get away from the enemy!
L: Chopper are you ok?
N: Sanji kun is making the cake so we’re headed to Cacao Island. We’ll be there in 10 hours at the fastest. At about 1am! Kick that guy’s ass and look for a mirror that connects to Cacao Island! Let’s meet up there!

Katakuri kicks Luffy in the abdomen.

K: Yanagi mochi.

After getting hit with the technique Luffy smiles broadly.
L: Hurry up and come! You guys will arrive soon and get tired of waiting!
everyone: Yeeaah!
Luffy: See ya later!

K: You say you aren’t going to die here but is this all you got for your last request?

Katakuri’s arm produces 3 spears

Luffy: I’m not gonna die in a place like this!!


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