By Sandman_Ap

Chapter title is “Ray of light”.

In Mirror World、Chopper tries to find Luffy and Co , but there are too many mirrors.

Sanji’s room
Sanji goes to deliver the dish to Pudding.

Prisoners Library
Luffy tries to escape even if his arms tear off.

3rd floor courtyard
Pedro is fighting Tamago. Tamago asks him why he came back.
Pedro strongly answers that Straw Hats are the only guys who can lead the world to dawn. Pedro slashes/bisects Tamago.

In front of Pudding’s room
The alive door prevents Sanji from entering the room. He has no choice but to go to Pudding’s location from terrace.

When Sanji sees the inside of the room, he finds Reiju on a chair and 3-eyed-Pudding.
Pudding makes a scornful smile at Sanji. Actually Pudding is one of Big Mom’s favorite and she is good at acting.
Pudding was cheating Straw Hats.

Prisoners Library
Luffy’s flashback

Puddding whispers something to Luffy.

Pudding “I will shoot to kill that idiot, who fell in love with me as I expected, which is why I don’t get married.
I won’t let you keep alive anyway. Good Bye, pitiful rats.”

Pudding’s room
Blood is falling from Reiju’s leg. Reiju’s arms are constrained.

Pudding “Mama wants clone soldiers and Germa science from the beginning.
The whole Germa Kingdom lies at anchor on our territory.
Thank you all you idiots for being invited to Sanji’s political party.
We’ll kill all Vinsmokes in tommorow’s wedding.”

Sanji shows an expressionless face listening to Pudding’s talk secretly in thunderstorm.

Big Mom is the only person who knows Pudding’s true personality.