source ; orojackson
[Mirror world]
The one that was about to be boiled is not the real carrot .. but actually a frog transformed by brules ability .
Carrot was hidding ..
She comes out and save the frog(fake carrot) and hit the pot so that hot water is splashed all over brule.. she then add electericity to hot water ( randolf is involved in this attack ?)

Chopper goes to brain point the take rumple ball to go to monster point

[Sanji’s room]
Sanji is cooking for the sake pudding health (??)

[Treasure room]
Brook got the keys from the soldiers and BM appear infront of him !

Pedro confronts with tamago .
Tamago says that 5 years ago BM take away 50 years of his lifespan.

[Somewhere in the castle ]

Rijuu is covered in blood and in bad state.