Pada chapter 796 lalu, luffy crew dipimpin oleh bartolomeo akan melarikan diri kejaran marinir yg sudah bergerak. Fujitora pun akan segera bergerak untuk menangkap luffy, law dan para gladiator. Belum lg dengan adanya sengoku dan tsuru yg sudah berada di dresrosa. Namun, ternyata luffy malah minta teman-temannya  melarikan diri duluan dan ia tetap tinggal disana karena ada hal yg harus dia selesaikan terlebih dahulu. Apa yg akan terjadi selanjutnya??

One Piece Spoiler Chapter 797

Status : Confirmed

op 797

Chapter 797 Rebecca

Cover is Smoker’s recovered, Tashigi, G-5 men, and the kids are celebrating with cotton candy party

Zoro tells Luffy that there’s not much time, do whatever you have to do and meet them at the east port. While running south himself. Naturally.

At the marine operations tent, Bastille is taking charge as the big shots have gone after the pirates already. The marines report that the target is likely running towards the East dock, and they’ll send available men there.

Meanwhile, Abdullah and Jeet answers the marine calls at the East dock, saying the pirates there’s no need for backup. (The duo and Ideo have taken out all the marines there already, and Jeet is faking the call)
Bastille is on to him though, and demand his marine code and name. Jeet is unable to answer, and Bastille orders back up to head to east dock.

Straw Hats/Barto’s group is being chased by marines, but the gladiators will hold off the enemy. Cavendish, Sai, Baby 5, Hajrudin, Suleiman, and Blue Gilly all stands in the way between the marines and Barto’s group.

Meanwhile, Luffy is at the palace, calling out Rebecca’s name. Rebecca comes to the window and calls out to Luffy, while the marines near the palace charges towards him. In the palace garden, Riku orders Lepanto to bring Rebecca and Viola, as he plans to head down to the town to announce his return to throne.

Luffy leaps to Rebecca’s window. Rebecca says she needs to thank him for everything but Luffy says that’s not why he came here. He asks her if she’s ok with Kyros. He plans to leave her side and never see her again!
Rebecca tearfully says she saw the letters, and she knows he’s trying to distance himself from her. She asks Luffy if he doesn’t want to live with her anymore, but Luffy tells her I don’t know, I’m about to leave this country.

You need to think for yourself. I came here to confirm if YOU are ok with this!
Rebecca cries out no, she’s not ok with this. Luffy asks her to come with him, and she agrees. Rebecca asks Viola to do her a favor.

Luffy carries Rebecca and leaps out of the castle. A nobleman runs to King Riku to report. It’s the straw hat Luffy! He has kidnapped the princess!

The news of Luffy’s kidnapping quickly spreads among the civilian. He must be after ransom! Gatts is surprised, but he exclaims he still loves Luffy.

A marine officer orders his men to shoot down Luffy, and they aim their rifles…
however, mysteriously all the rifles fires duds, and the marines all fall to the ground! Upon hearing the report Bastille guesses it’s CoC haki, but the marine reports no, the soldiers are not unconscious.
He orders all men to rush to the east port, and send all the ships there too.

Luffy tells Rebecca he’ll drop her off at the hill and she’ll have to go on her own. He’ll be the bait and draw the marines away.  Rebecca thanks Luffy for his actions.  Meanwhile the citizens take up arm against Luffy, believing the pirate is still a pirate, not a hero trustworthy.

Kyros packs ups in his house, and about to leave.  He asks forgiveness to Scarlet in heaven for spreading falsified rumors of her marriage with someone else.
It’s all for Rebecca’s future and happiness.

As he opens the door to leave the house, Rebecca is standing outside.  She says no more lies. I’m not the daughter of some prince. It doesn’t matter if you had killed hundreds, and your hands are bloody… I only have one father, and it’s Kyros! She cries and jumps into her father’s arms, remembering their promise. Mr Soldier you’re supposed to be with me forever!
Kyros cries, saying if she is ok with him being her father, and she tearfully tells him yes, we’ll live together.

Viola reports to King Riku that Rebecca will not be returning to the palace. That s her wish.  Rebecca had asked her to take her place as the princess. Viola laughs, this is the second time someone had asked her this odd wish  (I suppose the first time was Scarlet when she ran away with Kyros)

Barto and others are still waiting for Luffy at the East dock.  Luffy still hasn’t shown up, and Trafalgar Law disappeared somewhere as well.  As they wait for Luffy, Barto spots Fujitora flying towards them on a rubble. His face is shocked with doom.
Luffy-sempai, PLEASE HURRY UP!
Luffy is seen running towards the dock with all his might.

End of chapter