spoiler : Status Confirmed.

Sepertinya judi antara maynard dengan fujitora. Dalam hal ini fuji yg menang dengan keluarnya dadu 1, artinya fuji tidak akan memangkap SHP and Law di malam itu. Sepertinya marine berusaha mencari tempat dimana luffy dan yg lainnya berada. Tapi maynard masih keukeuh kayaknya pengen nangkap luffy cs, lalu fuji bilang kalau lo ga jantan, karena keputusan udah ada pas gambling dadu tadi.

Fujitotra did a dice gambling with Maynard. If the dice indicates “1”, Fujitora wins. Depending on the result of gambling, Fujitora decided not to arrest Luffy and Law tonight. Maynard is embarassed with it and still tries to persuade Fujitora. It seems marine managed to find the place where Luffy is hiding. Fujitora says that Maynard is not manly since he continues complaining after the gamble ended.

op spoiler 795

Full Spoiler :

795 “Suicide”
Cover: “Nami’s putting make up on a female gorilla”

Fujitora rolls the dice and gets a 1. 1 is Straw Hat’s number. They’ve won the gamble. Fujitora says he’ll put off going after them for a day, and Maynard objects. This is the best chance to get Straw Hat and Law’s heads!
But Fujitora replies the gamble is done. To complain about the result is not a manly thing to do.

Meanwhile the soldiers in the palace regret not being able to meet Lucy. He was our savior. Other gladiators and pirates are resting in the palace. Rebecca looks for Lucy and her dad, but can’t find them. Riku tells her they’ll show up tomorrow, and reminds her that if Riku returns to the throne, you’re a princess.

Meanwhile, Sanji side
Sanji takes hostage of Cesar’s heart and demands him cooperate saving “them” Chopper urges him too. Cesar is reluctant, as they just recently managed to flee from Big Mom’s ships.

On the island Nami, Brook, and Momo are running away from someone. They were distracted by a strange looking girl, and were separated from Sanji and Chopper. A horned man riding a large reptile catches up to them, demanding where they hid “that woman”, and how they got on this island.
Someone warns them of a Erupting Rain, as mass flood of water rains down on the man and Nami

Momo and Brook are swept away unable to cope with water (as they are devil fruit users) and Nami saves them. The horned man changes into a Sheep Man and attacks them with Sheep Horn, but is countered by Brook’s Soul Ballad. Sanji comes to their rescue and KO’s the sheepman with Diable Mutton Shot.

A beautiful female warrior calls out the sheepman’s name, lord Sheeps Head. She orders the others to retreat, and to report they “found no samurai”. As Sanji and others head back to Chopper (who is calling out for help), a dog-looking girl watches them from behind trees…
Meanwhile we see the belt Sheeps Head was wearing, and see a horned jolly roger on it. (Kaidou’s flag, likely)

Kid’s hideout

Massive explosion rocks the island. Kid, Apoo and others rush to the site. A siege!? They find a massive hold in the ground in shape of a man. Someone came crashing down from the skies! Hawkins guess he came from a Sky Island. The impact caused one of Kid’s ship to turn over, much to his irritation.

Few moments ago…
High above the location, on a sky island, Urouge warns the mysterious man who walks to the edge of the island. He seems eager to suicide, and Urouge decides against stopping the man, and he seemed determined.

The man was looking for a place to die. He has suffered defeat seven times as a pirate, and captured by Marines or Emperors 18 times. Has suffered torture a 1000 times in his life time. He leaps off the island, and lands on Kid’s island.

The man was sentenced to death 40 times. When he was hung, the chain broke. When he was sent to the guillotine, the blade broke. When he was impaled with spears, the spears broke. He ended up sinking 9 gigantic prison ships.

No one could ever kill him. Not even himself. His hobby is suicide. His name is… Kaidou of hundred beasts! Kaidou gets up as Kid and others gazes on. He is jealous of Whitebeard who has found a place do die.

Kaidou… anyone you ask will tell you, if you limit to one on one, this man is the strongest creature in the world. Kaidou is sick and tired of this boring world.
He says it’s come to this… damn it. Prepare the final battle for “Joker”. I don’t care if this boring world is destroyed in the process.. let the world see its final war!!