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One Piece 794 : Sabo’s adventure
Doflamingo lends his sunglasses to a Flamingo (but hiding his face from the readers)

At Kyros’ house in the flowerfield. Sabo tells Robin to not wake up Luffy, he just came to see him one last time before leaving.

CP0 is returning to the island to capture Sabo and other revolutionaries. In a day or two Dressrosa will be packed with people. He advises the Strawhats to leave as early as possible. Zoro and Franky comments they had no idea Luffy had another brother besides Ace. Sabo explains he was supposed to be dead all these years, and tells his story.

After the trio became brothers and that fateful day where he met Dragon and later gunned down by the Celestial dragon, as he sank in the sea Dragon came and rescued him before he sank. When he regained consciousness, Sabo had no memory of who he was, or even his own name.
The revolutionary points out his belongings have the name Sabo, but he cannot recall. Dragon says he’s certain the child is a Goa nobility and another revolutionary offers to find his parents and return him to them, but Sabo yells in rejection. He’d rather be taken away from here.

Sabo explains to Zoro that while he didn’t have any memory, he felt strong desire to not return to his parents. He explains it was Ace who brought his memory back… at the worst timing.

back to flashback

Revolutionaries were reading the news about Whitebeard, and how he and Fire Fist Ace died. Upon hearing that name and seeing Ace’s image, memory floods Sabo’s head. As he hears details of Ace’s death and regains memory of their time together, tears flood Sabo’s eyes.
Ace… is my brother! Sabo screams and passes out.
He sleeps for three days before regaining consciousness, and sees worried Hack and crying Koala. Koala tearfully asks Sabo if he’s going to quit the revolutionary now that his memory is regained. Sabo puts her worries to rest telling her he has no intention of leaving them, and that he needs to speak with Dragon.

2 years later…
Sabo tells his comrades to let the entire revolutionary army know, he’s going after a devil fruit. Sabo’s reunion with Luffy. The silent conversation we didn’t hear is now revealed.
It’s me, Luffy! Sabo greets his brother. Luffy doesn’t recognize him and tells him whoever you are if you’re after the Mera Mera fruit you’re an opponent! And my name is Lucy, don’t call me Luffy! But Sabo replies, a disguise can’t hide my brother from me. Luffy replies brother? Only person who can call me brother is Ace who died, and…. Luffy realizes at this point. Tears swell in his eyes as Luffy realizes it’s Sabo. At first he refuses to believe him, but upon mentioning stealing Dadan’s sake, Luffy hugs him in tears.

Luffy’s screams are illegible as he can’t even talk straight. Sabo thanks Luffy for staying alive. Luffy cries he allowed Ace to die in front of his eyes, but Sabo tells him he’s glad he didn’t lose TWO brothers that day in his absence. If I lost you, I would have been all alone. Thank you for surviving, Luffy.
He asks Luffy if he can have the Mera Mera fruit, and Luffy nods in tears in agreement.

flashback ends

Sabo gets ready to leave, and shows the straw hat crew Luffy’s Vivre card he made. He tears off a piece for himself, and gives the rest to Zoro. He tells them Luffy may cause a lot of trouble, but please take care of him. Robin waves farewell with a smile, while Franky tearfully tells him to leave him up to them. Zoro laughs, says you sound just like Ace.

Sabo calls Hack, and tells him he’s on his way. Hack tries to ask him about how Luffy is doing, but Sabo cuts off the phone early again. Apparently this is his quirky habit, as Hack yells and swings a punch. Sabo rides a pack of crows as he heads back to his men. He asks the leading crow if they’re ready to sail, and the crow answers “anytime”.
Well then, let’s hurry!

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