Aohige’s(AP forums) summary:

As Fujitora bows his head, King Riku tells him to raise his head. Fujitora says he doesn’t mind the world seeing this, what’s important is to let them know the truth. If it is us that let the Pirate be loose in this kingdom, what right do we have to preach justice? This victory was won by pirates, warriors, and the citizens of this nation.

Kyros salutes the Tontatta warriors, and disbands their squad. He tells them to go to the palace to help the king out. Riku knows Marines are in a tight position, and orders Tank to shelter the pirates and warriors in the palace (so the marines won’t have to arrest them)

Meanwhile in Mariejois Sakazuki learns that Doflamingo leaving the Shichibukai as well as the false news was by the order of the Gorousei. He questions them why the whole world had to play fool to Doflamingo’s whim, and asks them to never do this again. The Gorousei tells him to stop being a brat, and that they’re not concerned with saving marines’ face. They left this operations at the hands of CP. Sakazuki guesses that even the Gorousei was played by the Celestial Dragons’ puppets, and they tell him to shut up. The Gorousei turns the tables on Sakazuki, blaming him for Kuzan lending his hands to Blackbeard, but Sakazuki replies whatever the idiot does doesn’t concern him since he left the marines.

As the argument heats up, a marine reports the incident in Dressrosa. On how Straw Hat Luffy and Law defeated Doflamingo and fall of Dressrosa. The gorousei mutters “That kid again…”. But the news didn’t end there….

Somewhere in the new world… With Joker fallen, a kingdom loses its ability to arm itself. A king regretfully surrenders. Soldiers on the battlefield rejoices at the end of war, while pirates are concerned with the money they already paid to Joker. They know the weapons are still there in Dressrosa, and wants to go rob them, but his crew stops him as an Admiral still is there in Dressrosa. Brokers scream at the lack of SMILE and devil fruits to trade, and stomp on wanted pictures of Luffy and Law in anger. It’s all their fault!!

Meanwhile, VA Tsuru’s ship sails the ocean. Certain someone while eating rice crackers says how Otsuru has been after this pirate crew for years. Tsuru returns “yeah, on your orders.” to the man (obviously Garp)

In a city elsewhere, Bonney stole pizza as an old woman, and eats it as a little child. She reads the newspaper, and congratulates Law & Luffy. As a fellow rookie their actions made her happy.

Meanwhile, Urouge is above the clouds, tending to his wounds when a mysterious someone appears behind him…

Capone on his deck comments on the news, saying his friends are doing well. He orders his men to make sure to bring Ceasar home. (He calls Luffy and Law nakama and he’s out to get Ceasar, perhaps Law had already contacted Capone as an ally?)

Kid’s alliance is dining while hearing the news. Doflamingo is tied to Kaidou, which means they must be after him… Good thing our targets didn’t overlap, Killer says. Our target is…. Red Hair Shanks!

Island somewhere..
Drake tells his mates his past. His father was killed by Doflamingo, but he doesn’t hold a grudge about it. But his comrades are more concerned with the news. They scramble looking for their lord Kaidou. Joker has fallen, that means we lose our supply of SMILE!!

Sakazuki yells at Issho through the denden mushi. He says the Admiral should know well what it means for him to admit fault. Why didn’t you report this to me first!? Isshou replies if he did, then you would have covered it up.

Isshou recalls his chat with Smoker from earlier. Smoker told the Admiral what happened to him in Alabasta. If it wasn’t for the Straw Hats, Alabasta would have been another Dressrosa. But the Marines stole that credit from him, and covered it up. Smoker regrets not having the power to stop it.

Meanwhile, Smoker is in a hospital reading the newspaper. Tashigi comments how Fujitora has avenged what happened to them in Alabasta. Smoker says even if he did have Admiral’s position, he couldn’t have pulled this off. He feels relieved at Fujitora’s action. Tashigi thinks he’s hungry (relieved and hungry are same sound in Japnaese) and she’ll get muffins and coffee ready, to which Smoker calls her an idiot and corrects. The kids of Punk Hazard comes to the room, and as Tashigi takes care of them she tells them it’ll be a few more days till they reach Vegapunk.

Back in Dressrosa
Sakazuki admits there were so many ways he could have covered this up. Isshou tells him he doesn’t want to be paraded a hero for a blatant lie. He tells him the world government needs to take responsibility of what they did. Sakazuki yells at him that this is a matter of trust and pride of the marine. Your selfish acts will cost our credibility for justice! Isshou yells back, that if a credibility can fall so easily, then it really didn’t exist in the first place!

Sakazuki angrily tells Isshou that he is banned to set foot on any marine base until he brings back the heads of Law and Straw Hat. Isshou angrily replies sure thing boss, that’s what I want.

End of chapter.